Strategy Stage

There are six parts to the research and strategy stage


We need to understand what your business goals are. Forget the web, we need to know what you want to achieve. Only then do we start to look at how the power of search can play into the bigger picture. OnTop Agency uses several tools to extract data from Google to see how many searches are made each month from key phrases that will be relevant to your goals.

Difficulty Factor

Once we know what key phrases your target market is asking to find products and services like yours – we need to know how difficult it will be to get to the top of these searches. If it will take two hours of work and has 1,000 searches a month great.  If 100 work hours is needed and only has 300 searches a month… is it worth chasing? Knowing the difficulty factor makes all the difference in deciding which key phases to go after.

Competitor Review

We use a different set of SEO tools to look at your main competitor’s search engine optimisation strategy. Unfortunately, you cannot hide your SEO strategy online once you have implemented it. It’s like poacher turned gamekeeper, we know what we are looking for in your competitor’s online offering to see what they are optimising for, what is working for them and where they are getting those all important links from.

Key Phrase Grouping

Once all the information has been collected, we calculate what key phrases are worth chasing and group them together. Natural patterns of what your sites content sections and power pages should be about will appear. We then present this to you, so you understand where it’s all going and why.

The Big Idea

Now we know what questions your target market wants answers to, which are worth chasing, what your brands strengths are, and the content you can produce for each question – we come up with the ideas we think would get the dwell time and click-throughs you need to be on top of page one in Google.

Strategy Document

SEO we think is very simple, but everything is simple when you know how. Once the planning is finished – we write it all up, so you and other members of your team or CEO can understand what the plan is, what’s involved in getting there and why. This document can also be used as a brief for your content creators or your technical team for the on site SEO if we are not managing everything for you