Fake News

Fake news and how to kill it

We are not a bunch of click baiters. People who look for brands with weak digital immune systems in place and write scary articles about them, knowing they will get high traffic easily to feed their google ads.

We do know however exactly how they work and how they spot weaknesses in brands to exploit them.

We offer two services in this area

Brand Immune System

Tempting to use a real case study here but will keep it hypothetical. Brand X sells things in the real world, not online. Brand X has a youtube channel…. somewhere and a twitter account, um… or do we? Brand X has not worried about the internet as they sell through the same suppliers they have worked with before the internet was invented. Brand X gets 10,000 searches a month in Google and the “difficulty factor” as it is known to get to the top of Google for ” Brand X” is super easy. We can run a search on your brand and quickly tell if you are open to attack or not from click baiters. We look at your brand in the same way as they do and spot your weaknesses. Click baiters are checking daily for holes in Brands immune systems. When they see they can write one good blog post about Brand X is blah blah that will get them 10,000 views a month in a few hours – guess what? They write it…
The article gets to the top of Google and then… the real damage begins, the 100 other click baiters in the same genre see the post too – and copy it. Every journalist sees it – and as you know – guilty until proven innocent on the web. Meanwhile, your PR agency has no idea about this as they don’t check your negative key phrases for attacks on a daily basis. The chairman’s nephew spots it and lets him know and… BOOM. You have a crisis on your hands and also an answer as to why sales have dropped 30% in the last two months in the stores. As all those people who Googled brand X read that its really blah blah. This is why we call it  your ” Brand immune system” Think Chines preventive medicine – all this could have been avoided if the click baiter saw your immune system was in place and  Brand Z is a much easier target. We know exactly what you need to so stop this happening in the first place.

Fake news and how to remove it from Google

You read the above, hind site is a wonderful thing… you are reading this now because you didn’t build an immune system and you got caught in the click baiters hook. How to get rid of all those fake articles about your brand? There is some good news and some bad news. Good news is we know how to fix it. The bad news is it’s not easy. If you have a fake news problem, feel free to contact us and we can give you an estimate of what it will take to get rid of it.