Monitoring & KPI's

What works we improve what doesn’t we lose

Have you ever seen an SEO monthly report? Often they will be around 10 pages of…. stuff. It makes no sense to you and the account manager who saved it off an app has no idea either.
Not really helpful right? You see your boss in the lift and s/he asks how it’s all going. All you can think is 10 pages of waffle. What he wants to know is if all this SEO stuff is working and more cost-effective than cold calling prospective clients. ” Our cost per recruit is down 10% this month on the site, 40% lower than the call center. There is a 20% increase in sales for the new high-end product as well.”
OnTop does not have a standard ‘copy-paste’ monitoring set up. In the strategy phase, we work out what YOU want to know to judge the success of what we are doing in SEO for you. So tracking how many people found the site from the new power page about product x is what we set up. It gives you the answers you want to hear and gives the OnTop team working on your account a very clear brief on how we are judged and where their focus need to be.