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On Site SEO often over looked. It makes a big difference

On Site SEO

Google needs to know what you are about – Purple cats and all the things purple cats like to have. You need to put purple cat signposts all over your site, not just in the text – your images, site maps, site structure file names, the first 25 words on the home page and the time it takes to download your pages – it all matters.
OnTop has front-end web developers who know their way around any website from an SEO point of view. Once the strategy is set, and the content starts to be added to your existing site, they go in and make the on-site changes in order to ensure that the signposts are all pointing where the strategy document is telling them to.

Your on site to do list

Key Phrase Density – Classic SEO needs to be applied to every existing page, key phrase density needs to be accurate, and all links need to have the correct phrases to where they are linking to.
XML Site Map – If you think Santa Claus is a busy guy, Google has to visit more home pages than him in less time – every day. Google tells you to make sure all pages appear in a super simple sitemap, so they can crawl and check to find all your pages.
2 seconds perfect – 3 is good – over 5 and we need to talk. It’s all about your site speed.
Outbound links – Google will never admit it, but having links out to content that has the same key phrases you are writing about – helps. This is where power pages come in – bloggers link to content that helps them explain what they are writing about that will be seen as similar content. So this is where I link to a power page about

Google judges your site from how it looks on mobile – It wants to know it loads Ok on a 3G network. Here is a great power page explaining why your site needs to be fast and how to fix this

Internal links – If I keep plugging that we do SEO strategy and then create the content that needs on-site SEO and a good outreach campaign. Google will notice what pages I care about and promote them more.

Images – Google will tell you over and over “ Let us know what your images are about”. And off goes the web developer who names them all /newsite-1888.jpg. The right key phrases in the image’s name and alt tags make a big difference.

SEO Tools

We spend  $1,000s a month on licences to use the best of breed SEO tools that track your site and show where the changes are needed.

Your competitors will not be doing on-site SEO, as we will show you. That’s because they don’t have an agency like OnTop making sure it all happens.

Not only we can clean up your existing website – but we can build you a new one

Once we have created the strategy for clients they realise they need to get the on-site SEO right and… who better to do that than the agency that sets the strategy for them. We have front end and back end developers on the team ready to build whatever you need.

You need content for your Social Media management as well as your power pages. We can provide you with daily news feeds to follow/unfollow campaigns you can automatically push out to your SM saving you a lot of time and allowing you to focus on the more powerful part of SM and SEO.

Power Pages

We will let our designers work on our own site one day and make these pages much more engaging with info-graphics and better ‘ how to’ images. For now, they are busy working on our client’s power pages.