SEO Outreach Campaigns

Outreach to Journalists, Influencers & Bloggers (JIB’s)

Let people who will link know where it is

You have created the best bit of content on the web about purple cats – you now need to let every cat blogger (not lover) know where that content is.
No one is going to link to your content unless they know about it. No one is going to know about it – until you get links. Hence, you need to let the right people know where it is to get the ball rolling. Once they see it’s the best content about purple cats,  they may well link to it in their next blog post and cats and the different colours you can dye them these days.

What is involved in an outreach campaign?

Outreach Research – Who has a good following and high DA websites that might link to contact about purple cats? We use various tools to find these people and build up a list with their email addresses. Outreach – We then contact them all letting them know about the new content and start a conversation with them about a possible guest posting and back link opportunities etc
Backlink Research – We look at your competitor’s links and see which ones are worth contacting to see if they want to link to your content as well. This is very time consuming, yet a very effective way of gaining high DA backlinks. Getting backlinks takes a lot of thought, research and email correspondence. It is also the most effective way of getting you on the first page before Rankbrain takes over.
Backlink Requests – We contact all the sites that we think might give you a link as well due to them linking to your competitor’s pages on the same subject.
Directories & Forums – Depending on your subject, there will be many opportunities to get links to your content from directories like Google My Business and forums that allow you to add a link yourself.
SEO Tools – We spend over $1000s a month on licences to use the best of breed SEO outreach tools that track who opens the emails and is worth chasing.
Our Little Secrets – Every SEO specialist has there own tried and tested ways of getting things done. We have a few that we like to keep to ourselves.

We can build up your awareness on SM too

Building up your likes, followers, and shares on Facebook, all have an effect on your first-page ranking. The more activity and click through you get, the higher up you go. Facebook search now is being used more and more, so appearing here is becoming as important for some brands. The move to brands using groups more to communicate with their customers may well have an effect on ranking in the future – for now, it does not.
Instagram – We are specialist in growing Instagram accounts. Not much to do with SEO, but a highly effective way of reaching your target audience and requires a similar approach to SEO to get you to the top.
YouTube – Ranking on YouTube has a direct effect on getting your brand to appear in Google. Get everything right and you can sometimes rank higher using a YouTube video than your power page.