Video Production

Storytelling is what SEO is all about

YouTube Vidoes

YouTube is massive. The opportunity to promote your product and services through creative storytelling ideas is one of the best and least used SEO techniques. 

Why? because it’ seen as expensive and very time consuming to create a 15-minute video about your brand.

Click You don’t need Holywood – you need content that answers peoples questions. It can be a customer story, voice over, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is YouTube to see your story is the answer to the searches questions. 


Click OnTop has inhouse storytelling video production. As we know your SEO strategy, we can come up with ideas for stories that will answer your target amrket’s questions and make the videos as if they are made by the brand or not.

Click It doesn’t matter who publish it, as long as the message is right and the person watching the video now understand your product or services is the solution to their needs.

If you would like to know how effect our storytelling SEO techniques can work for you, talk to us.