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You need to know the rules to break them.
In SEO, you don’t want to break them.

We are based in London, Ukraine, and Egypt. We combine London client services with low costs offices abroad to give you value for money, and at the same time allowing us to hire the best talents.

Our culture – It’s quite simple. Keep to the SEO rules we know are tried and tested and work. Google does not have a sense of humour or mood – it’s an exact AI we are talking to.

Then when it’s about the content – we like to be as creative as our clients will let us go. Boring safe branded content never gets the dwell time we need to come first in Google – so breaking the rules here is almost the norm.

Creative SEO content is the focus. Getting you on top is what we do.

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Tel.: +40725141545 / E-mail: info@ontop.agency


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