Using the power of search to answer your target market’s questions.

On Top Agency is a creative SEO agency based in London and the beautiful city of Lviv in Ukraine. We have over 20 years experience working with major brands  SEO needs. If you want to harness the power of search in your marketing strategy – we are the people you should be talking to.

OnTop has a tried and tested process for working out where SEO will  make a difference to your marketing and then hard wires it in to content we create that is then pushed out to your target audience. It’s call: SCOOM!

Strategy –  Content – On site publishing – Outreach – Monitoring

Strategy SEO Research & planning

“We are launching a new website, it will be finished in  a few months. So you can add in the SEO then.”

SEO is often seen as a magic wand kind of thing added in when the site goes live, or as a tetchy thing – they get dragged into the meeting when we show up. There is a part of SEO that is technical and is covered in the On site SEO section. The point is unless you have done your research and have an SEO strategy in place to get you where you want to be – for sure you will not get there.

Have a look at the Strategy section to understand why you need to do this first before you do anything else online.

Content – Creative SEO

Google checks your content for two things. What questions does your content answer? How well does it answer them? Yes, you need the right key phrases signposts in there, but you need to also focus on delivering the best content on the web that answers the key phrases you are targeting. From an SEO point of view – that means great dwell time, high click-through rates and ticking all the brain ranking boxes. You need the most engaging content on the web about your subject or at least more engaging than your competitors’.Have a look at the content section to see how On Top agency can help.

On site SEO publishing

This is the bit most people see as SEO… that bit of wizardry On Top Agency does to your website. From making sure your alt tags have the right key phrases, subheadings and word density to making sure your main menu has headings google sees as an authority site. We also make sure you have the right goals and A/B split testing set up on your site to track the contents engagement levels and enable us to test different versions and improve on it over time.

Have a look at the On site section to see how On Top agency can help you in this area.

Outreach campaigns

Backlinks, shares, follows, likes – they don’t all just happen unless you are Taylor Swift, even then, she probably has someone like us helping her achieve a following larger than most countries. A big part of what we do is ‘reach out’ to the right people who are likely to link to the content we have created that will be of interest to them. If the content is not interesting and we get no likes, is not through lack of trying, it is because the content is not cutting it. This can be from targeted emails to bots auto liking, and outreaching to a predefined target audience. Have a look at the outreach section to understand more


What worked? What is not working? How do we improve it all? How many sales where made from what key phrases? Did the extra 10,000 followers on Instagram make a difference? 

We track all that is going on, every click, sign up and missed sale, and then work out how to make the next months stats better.

On Top Agency Team

OnTop Agency been working on clients SEO strategies since I launched in 1996 at AKQA where I worked out by building back links to the site from all the various dealerships out there that would get us to the no.1 position. It’s changed a lot since then but the fundamentals have stayed the same. On Top Agency is based in London and Lviv in Ukraine combining face to face meetings and the power of remote working to give our clients great client service and at the same time good value for money.

Have a look at the On Top Agency about us pages to find out more about us.

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