Google My Business

If you are location dependent, GMB is massive

Setting up your Google My Business profile

As we will have done your SEO strategy, we will know exactly what needs to be done, what the profile needs to be called, the post pages, down to the text in the directions.

Getting your Google My Business right can be a huge difference to you appearing in Google searches especially  from people whoa re physically close to you. The exact people you want to find you of you are location dependent

CWhen you start dealing with your SEO, lets us deal with your GMB and you will see a big difference in people finding you online.

Ongoing management for GMB

This is what we do, we know how to keep you on the top of local searches. It’s not rocket science but it does take time and you do need to know what to do from an SEO point of view.¬†

We can manage all you GMB needs from one store to 100s of locations around the world and all the questions that come in from the public to each profile.

To find out more how GMB can make a difference to your online marketing and how we can do it all for you, talk to us.