On Top Agency

We are an SEO focused Digital Marketing Agency

You need to know the rules to break them.

Our culture – It’s quite simple. Keep to the SEO rules we know are tried and tested and work. Google does not have a sense of humor or mood – it’s an exact AI we are talking to.

Then when it’s about the content – we like to be as creative as our clients will let us go. Boring safe branded content never gets the dwell time we need to come first in Google – so breaking the rules here is almost required.

Creative SEO content is the focus

OnTop works with brands looking to achieve their marketing objectives through the power of search. We are not another SEO agency that will do your meta tags and get you No.1 on Google for your company name. If they know your name, the job is already done.

The 100,000 people a month looking for an answer to their question that your brand has a solution for. That’s who we focus on. Who are they? That’s the point, we work that out and then working with you, create content that answers their questions and appears on top in Google.