Social Media Outreach Specialist

Outreach and content SCOOM disciplines

Job Overview

We have a message to get out there on Facebook, Twitter, online forums etc. Your task is to make it known and read on social media by as many people as possible and to make sure all the links to original content the client’s site has the right key phrases to improve Google ranking. The job involves embracing opportunities on where you can get the content posted and get target market viewers to click through to our SEO content

Mon – Friday 10.00am  – 6.30pm in the centre of Lviv working in a vibrant co-working space with many other digital companies.  Salary depending on experience/ability.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

Day to day work will involve the following:
  • Posting in Facebook groups, fan pages and where ever you can get the message out.
  • Twitter – we need to be posting daily
  • Online forums posts – a big part of SEO is getting links to our content in comments on relevant sites – you need to find these opportunities and be creating content that the owner of this sites will add your comment as it adds value to their post.
  • Managing and scheduling 100s of posts a week in several scheduling apps
  • MailChimp – you will create and manage outreach campaigns to 1,00s of Bloggers.
  • You will have a video/graphic designer in the team to create the content you need – so your ideas and intuition will lead you needs and briefing this person to create the content you need is part of your day to day.

Job Requirments

Our ideal candidate is:

  • A social media Junky 🙂
  • S/he needs to know all ways around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest, hence to know what content works in each one.
  • Have an understanding of SEO. This is what we do so you need to ‘get it’.
  • Able to write and comment in English. So a strong level of written English is a must.
  • Able to understand client needs and be able to work to a brief and within a structured team.
  • Living in Lviv and be able to get to our offices near Franco park Monday to Friday.
  • A team player who is willing to learn and contribute.