Junior Project Coordinator

The Junior Project Coordinator’s central duty is to assist the Senior Project Manager. This can any number of tasks. Often, they’re assisting with the tresreach but they may also be asked to perform clerical duties, maintain contact with clients and parties involves through email and phone calls, answer questions and concerns, prepare presentations, and enter project data.

  • There are various campaigns involved launching over the next few months.
  • Day-to-Day support of Project needs
  • Outreach campaigns
  • Direct liason with clients
  • Managing clients’ campaigns
  • Managing ongoing communication with the team and clients
  • Creating and reviewing of reports
  • Spotting problems/opportunities around main goals of the campaign and being proactive with the client to agree any changes needed.
The person we want to hire needs to be:
  • Someone who understands the brand client / ad agency model and ideally has some work experience as a JPC
  • Able to run a project without being supervised on a daily basis.
  • Highly organized and be able to manage team members to make sure all actions are completed when needed.
  • Good understanding of SEO and websites creating.
  • Good at English.
  • A detail-oriented multi-tasker with  great communication skills and are able to easily adapt to changing circumstances.
  • A team player and be able to motivate your team to achieve the goals of the various campaign you will be running. Make it fun, make it interesting and you will make it happen.
  • Full time, no studying for your Master Degree or working on your own client work as well etc. This is a full time job and you need to be totally focused on the clients needs 5 day a week.
  • Manage the content creating team. You will also need to manage the team creating the content, posting and commenting day to day.
  • Resolve any issues and solve problems throughout project life cycle.


Negotiable depending on experience and skills.
Applicants must be organised, honest and reliable.
To apply for this job please email us at info@ontop.agency

What do we offer:
Office in the city centre, a team of fun and interesting people and a decent remuneration.

Contact us

Tel.: +40725141545 / E-mail: info@ontop.agency


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