Digital Marketing Account Manager

Working across all SCOOM disciplines

Job Overview

Managing all digital needs from client side through to the agency teams and the various VA contributors to make sure the “big picture” goals are met for the client on time and to budget. 

Mon – Friday 10.00am  – 6.30pm in the centre of Lviv working in a vibrant co-working space with many other digital companies.  Salary depending on experience/ability.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

You will be managing:

  • Outreach campaigns to 100s of bloggers.
  • Creating content and publishing on all SM platforms.
  • All SEO backlinking responsibilities.
  • Ad campaigns from the client’s Facebook, Google Ads and IG accounts using viral content.
  • Ongoing commenting and general SM communications.

Job Requirments

  • Good Written English – You will be writing in English all day. Your spelling, grammar and western culture understanding of acceptable slang etc needs to be good enough so you can post comments that 1,000s of people will see including the client and not have to ask to have it checked first. 
  • Two years proven Marketing Experience – We ideally want someone who has worked in a Digital Communications Agency or client side with at least two years to experience managing global brands and their SEO/SM needs.