Digital Marketing Junior Account Ex

Working across all SCOOM disciplines

Job Overview

Working in the Strategy team reporting to the Agency Account Director, you will be working across all SCOOM disciplines from managing and outreach campaign for bloggers to adding SEO tweaks to a blog post. This is a junior position. The work is varied giving you a grounding in all Digital Marketing Agency skills and ways of working. 

Mon – Friday 10.00am  – 6.30pm in the centre of Lviv working in a vibrant co-working space with many other digital companies.  Salary depending on experience/ability.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Day to day – Social media tasks, posting comments, images, blog posts to testing different hashtags when scheduling new Instagram posts. You will be working across different clients making decisions daily on what will work for that brand’s marketing objectives.
  • Set Tasks – Every Monday there is a team meeting to plan the week. Whatever tasks they need doing for clients that are not part of the day to day activity, are allocated to team members. Thes tasks are varied. Depending on your skills and ability will depend on what we get you to do.

Job Requirments

  • Good Written English – You will be writing in English all day. Your spelling, grammar and western culture understanding of acceptable slang etc needs to be good enough so you can post comments that 1,000s of people will see including the client and not have to ask to have it checked first. 
  • Genuinely want to work in Marketing – We ideally want to see a proven interest in wanting to work in Marketing and not IT. We are not an IT company. If your dream is to work in a marketing agency – that’s what we are looking for.
  • Computer Literate – You need to be familiar with word docs, spreadsheets, all social media, how Google works etc. We do not expect to give computer lessons, we will only teach you how to do the tasks. 
  • Degree – You don’t need a degree in Marketing or English or in anything to apply for this role.